How to Design Your Own Logo

September 19th, 2011 § 2 comments

No, I’m not shooting myself in the foot. There are times when people need a logo for a new startup or a side venture, but don’t want to spend the money paying someone to do it. Fair enough. The problem with this is that they want to do it themselves.


I’ve seen how people design their own logos, and it ain’t pretty. So for you Do-it-Yourselfers, here is a quick tutorial on designing your own logo. Or rather, your own wordmark.

WARNING: This is going to be for web use only, as we will be using a bitmap program like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, etc. You may have to know a few things in the software you’re choosing, so if you can’t do things like change colours, dig up the manual. This is not going to be terribly creative, but it won’t be awful, and it won’t take you all day.


1. Open the application you’re going to use.

If you don’t have one, try Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Pixelmator or Corel Draw.
There are a few others here.


2. Select the text tool and type your company name.

Type your company name.The text tool usually looks like a large capital T. Select a nice, large font size that will be easy to see on the screen and type it in one word.

3. Choose a font.

DIY LogoYou get to choose one. That’s right, one. Don’t be greedy. But make sure it’s one of the ones shown below, or looks very VERY close. For my example I’ve chosen Helvetica.

4. Change one word.

DIY Logo 3Make one of the words italic, bold or capitalised. Just not all three.Leave the other Normal (or Regular, depending on your font). If your company name is only one word, skip to the next step.

5. If your company name is only one word, put what you do underneath.

DIY Logo 4Make the font the right size so that it is the same width as the first word. Try to make the gap between the two lines roughly the same as the gap between the letters in the top word.

6. Change the colours.

DIY Logo 5You can have ONE colour and black.  That’s it. We’re doing our best to avoid gaudiness here, and I can’t tell what colours you chose, so one has to be black. Make one of the words one colour and the other black. I’m being very clear here! Ok, you can use grey if you have to.

7. Add a drop shadow, purple circles and a unicorn.

Ugly logo
8. Delete the drop shadow, purple circles and unicorn.

DIY Logo 5You didn’t really think we’d need those did you?

Now you have something that will work for a wordmark until you are able to get a real logo done. Which is what you and your brand really needs.

Now it’s time to get some business cards!




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