An Open Letter to Comic Sans

April 24th, 2012 § 5 comments

Dear Comic Sans,

Well, this is a little awkward, isn’t it? Being a designer, I’ve probably made a few…let’s call them quips, about you. Please don’t take it personally. It was all in good fun!

I know you work really hard, and you’re fantastic at what you do. That poster that you appeared on for my niece’s birthday party looked great. And when HR had those post-it notes printed with our names on them? Killer! And, of course, there are millions of comic books out there that just wouldn’t be the same without you. That really is your calling! But then again, there have been places you’ve cropped up in that didn’t work quite so well.

You’re partly to blame for someone not getting a job when you appeared at the top of their resumé. There is a business or two out there who thought you’d work well in their logo. Nobody took them seriously. Some people even thought you lent a hint of friendliness to their in store displays, not realizing that people couldn’t see beyond you.

What I’m trying to say is that there are places where you look great. Perfect, in fact. Whenever the Silver Surfer has something to say, you’re the one to deliver it. But (and don’t get mad…) anywhere else, we have a huge list of fonts that are going to a do a better job.

So please, stick to what you know. Comics. And leave everything else to everyone else.

Thanks CS. I knew you’d understand.



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