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NBurman Design now operating in Bury St EdmundsNBurman Design has moved! And so have I…

Monday 20 August 2012 was the first day of business operating in the UK. I’m now living in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, a beautiful and historic town in the South East of England. Bury was where I grew up until I moved to Canada in 1990, and now it is home again.

It truly is good to be back!
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Augmented Reality Stamps Commemorate The Calgary Stampede’s Centennial

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Xerxes Irani, Designer of Calgary Stampede Centennial stamps.Xerxes Irani is one lucky guy. For over thirteen years he has been combining art with his fascination with all things rodeo to create designs for the Calgary Stampede. Now, his designs have been chosen to grace a pair of stamps that are commemorating the Calgary Stampede’s Centennial. » Read the rest of this entry «

Gearing up for Stampede

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calgary stampede events, print design calgary stampedeOnce again, it’s coming. The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede.

Pancake breakfasts, Chuck wagon races, the Grandstand Show, corn dogs, fair rides, cowboys and country music.

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Jim Marshall: Lord of Loud and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

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Today, a musical legend passed away. Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplifiers, was 88 years old.

Whether you knew of Jim Marshall or not, you may have heard of Marshall amplifiers. But even if you haven’t, you have probably heard music made and recorded with Marshalls.

Make it One Louder

Other than the fact that Marshalls are synonymous with rock and roll, the reason Mr M is such an inspiration is because he saw what was on the market, but didn’t rest. He wanted to make an alternative to what was being sold in the US (Fender). He and two colleagues got together to duplicate a favoured Fender Bassman amp, but then started making some changes.

Make it Different

After a tweak or two, he produced a prototype that created The Marshall Sound. Suddenly, he had something unique that (without him yet knowing) would forever change the sound of music.

Jim was an artist, of sorts. An entrepreneur. He saw room for something else, something different and went out to create it.

Make it Better

Graphic designers tend to see the world as it ought to be, not as it is. There is always a better way to design a website, layout a report, draw up a poster or create a logo. And that is why I love what I do – always pushing ahead to create something a bit better and more unique.

My hat’s off to you Jim. Now, excuse me while I turn up my amp to 11 and annoy the neighbours.


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The Moving Instant – Live Online

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Calgary jazz fusion, graphic design and wordpressThe Moving Instant are a jazz fusion duo from Calgary AB. They have just completed a new album, which is going to press at this very moment, and needed an online presence to help promote the band and the new tunes.

Yes, it’s a work in progress, and yes there will be a schedule page going up soon. But until then, you should know that they will be playing the Beatniq in Calgary AB on April 13th and 14th 2012.

If you’ve never heard The Moving Instant you’ve never heard The Moving Instant. Perhaps you could imagine Stone Temple Pilots getting together with Alan Holdsworth and Herbie Hancock. You’d be sort of close, but you’d still have to hear them for yourself. Visit their site, listen to the samples and buy the mp3s.

The Moving Instant

Love is in the Air.

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Calgary graphic design falls in love!Since today is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share a love story with you.

Nearly five years ago, Apple gave birth to the first iPhone. But before that happy day, when the first bouncing baby emerged from the factory delivery room, the most popular phone on the market was merely a twinkle in Steve Job’s eye. He had to woo his team and win them over.

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Free Webinars on Content Management by SiteCM

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siteCM Content Management System training webinars
SiteCM Content Management System Training

Register Now For The Next Series of Webinars !!

It would appear that the online webinars are gaining some momentum and the powers that be – being you – want to see more!

The next series of webinars are going to take you deeper into SiteCM. You’ll will be exploring more SiteCM components, licenceable additions, and even learn some additional tips and tricks with managing predefined content. Plus you will be getting down with permission based content as well!


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The Dunvegan System: New Motion Graphics

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The Dunvegan Group recently commissioned a motion graphics piece to help describe their system of helping organizations grow and retain business. Working alongside Fiona Friesen of Strategy Forward, I produced this video, featuring animation and a background theme written and recorded specifically for the video.

Motion graphics is a great medium for bringing a website to life. It can be used in tutorials, as part of training programs, or as seen there, to illustrate something that might be more difficult to show with live actors.

Motion graphics, multimedia design, Dunvegan video

Visit YouTube to watch in glorious HD.


New Mobile Apps for MailChimp (Eep Eep!)

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Mailchimp For sending out great looking newsletters and keeping track of all your stats, nothing beats MailChimp. It’s simple, flexible, works together with a LOT of other systems and is just plain fun too. Even their tech support is a joy to contact – they sign off with an eep-eep, in keeping with the monkey branding!

MailChimp have now redesigned their mobile apps, available for Android and iPhone. It’s cleaner, leaner and meaner, plus you get more reports, eCommerce360 stats, and you can manage multiple MailChimp accounts. If you’re already kind of addicted to checking your MailChimp campaign stats, and you found yourself sneaking way too many peeks at your email marketing reports during your holiday time with family, you do not want this app – it will only make your addiction worse! But who doesn’t need more stats?!

Get the Android app or the iPhone app directly from iTunes. More details are available on the MailChimp blog.

Eep eep!

WEBSITE LAUNCH: Calgary Folk Club

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Calgary Folk Club new website by NBurman Design and ideaLEVERGreat music, great friends and great times!

Since 1972, the home of folk music and the favourite venue of artists from all over the world between September and April has been Calgary Folk Club.

Now, the Calgary Folk Club has a new website featuring SiteCM content management by ideaLEVER. Take a peek and drop them a line, say hi!

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